Since joining the team at BUCK full time in March of 2018 I have contributed as a traditional animator, storyboard artist and concept artist on all sorts of projects. Below is a selection of that work.
I worked as a storyboard artist on this spot for the NBA and Hennessy. The final piece is on the left, my animatic is on the right.
I created the storyboards and animatic along with a few bits of cel animation on this spot for Playstation. See the full credits HERE.
I worked as the lead animator and storyboard artist on this spot for Amazon Music.
I worked as an animator and animatic artist on this series of spots for Qualcomm. See the other spots and full credits HERE
I got the chance to lead a pitch for a series of action packed, over the top Mt Dew spots. The job went to another studio in the end - but I'm still happy with the work we made for it! Above is an animatic for one of the spots. Below are some of my character sketches.